America’s Destiny Must Prevail

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America’s fate was in God’s heart before Christopher Columbus struck American soil. Columbus was a staunch believer in Christ with a sense of mission. He believed that his journey was commanded by God to bring the light of Christ into uncharted lands. In his words, “There is no doubt that the inspiration came from the Holy Spirit.” When he landed in America, Columbus planted a cross and dedicated the land to God. This is how America’s destiny was born.

America has become a light for the world. Through this people the gospel was preached and the Kingdom of God was promoted. In the name of Christ, she built churches, schools, hospitals, and orphanages at home and abroad. Missionaries from America are dispersed all over the world. God has blessed America for its kindness. Today, his kindness has diminished, and America’s plight has worsened.

America’s fate is threatened by an evil system

Christians across America today do not believe the current state of this once great nation. A hell-filled system threatens to erase all traces of America’s destiny. He is trying to control the White House, Congress, Senate, courts, IRS, media, banks and education. He seeks to dominate any organization that defines how America thinks, how it is run, how it learns, how it earns and spends its money, and what its loyalty is.

This animal system used to operate under secret cover. Reckless, self-proclaimed politicians have taken the blame for his destructive actions. Politicians are imperfect, but the hand is more than theirs, working to destroy America. Greedy candidates, filled with a thirst for power and control, find the location of this beast. They are managed by him like pawns on the world stage.

Behind these unsuspecting “government officials” lurks a laser-oriented system that seeks to destroy all aspects of America’s destiny. Now he is openly and openly trying to deprive American citizens of their freedom, autonomy, wealth and, most importantly, their Christian roots.

Perception tells us that this beast has no inner strength or control. He is endowed with a ruthless evil with a strange and sinister obsession. His obsession echoed over the centuries. This echoes Genesis, Esther, the Gospels, and the Acts. The beast in vain stopped to destroy the people of God in Nazi Germany. His obsession was, “I’ll be like the Almighty!”

Tolerance in America has made the beast stronger

America has embraced tolerance and given strength to the despicable beast. Tolerance requires us to respect religions and lifestyles that run counter to the biblical standards that underpin America’s destiny. Do not rock the boat and do not go against other people’s beliefs. Thanks to tolerance, we are now a nation that accepts everything and does not question anything.

Accepting tolerance, this miraculous beast was able to rule America with brutal cruelty. It has systematically weakened our country and significantly reduced the strength and power of our military power and the value of the United States dollar. In the name of tolerant adultery, homosexual lifestyles and abortions remain unchanged. In fact, everything except the Christian faith is allowed with the freedom and freedom it gives.

As darkness grows, hopes for the country’s reconstruction diminish. Our silence has given rise to hell in our country. We ask why God turned his back on America. In fact, we tied his hands, ignoring his righteous principles. We prayed for mercy, not realizing that God was proud to resist. The Prayer for Righteousness releases the curses of Deuteronomy 28: 15-68 in our country. In short, America is in danger of being destroyed because it resists its righteous principles. America is in bed with the beast and has committed all the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah. God kept his promise and redeemed our sins with righteousness.

The Christian response to the beast was weak

Christians may claim that they played no role in the atrocities of our country. Before you go on with this argument, think about it. Jesus died for our eternal salvation. We are endowed with the power of His Holy Spirit. We were strengthened by His powerful Word. He tells us not to be defeated by evil, but to defeat evil with good.

Christ gave us all the advantages over our enemies. Yet the church cherishes this beast, claiming that it is too strong and too well fortified. The fortresses of hell prevented us from believing in God’s grace, which could overcome any power that dares to resist us. Faced with an angry and growing enemy, God’s army yawned and fell asleep.

It’s time to bring back American heritage

Where is David’s diligence today? When Goliath paralyzed israel’s army, David did not flinch. He boldly asked, “Who is this uncircumcised philistine who threatens God’s armies?” Undoubtedly, this giant will destroy the fate of America on the face of the earth. We can’t keep quiet. There may come a day when evil will triumph and deep darkness will cover the earth. It’s not today! Today we must confront this cruel and cruel beast before it destroys the destiny of our America.

2 Paralypomenone 7:14 commands us to accept, pray, and seek the faces of God to restore America’s destiny. If we do that, He’ll listen to us. If we sincerely turn our backs on our bad ways, we will find deliverance. We must pray, as Daniel did: “Lord, listen! Oh, my God, I’m sorry! God, listen and act! For your sake, my God, do not wait any longer, for your city and your people bear your name.”

The same God who honored David’s zeal and Daniel’s despair is waiting for our prayers. That God will hear from heaven and heal our country. Only he can restore the foundations that made our nation great. If America’s fate fails, the light of the gospel in the world will be drastically reduced, and millions of people will be plunged into eternal destruction. The fate of America must be victorious!

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