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The biggest differences between the construction of the heating element are the cost and the service life. Industrial heaters can reach similar temperatures with similar power or wattage density, but an inferior architectural style can result in a significantly higher failure rate. Compare cost and failure rate to select the best element design. Other specifications are important, but these two are the most changed by the materials and the chosen architectural style. Most belt heaters are classified as standard construction or high temperature.

Industrial heaters of this type have an insulated heating element embedded in a glass fiber mat. Silicone-coated drum heaters are suitable for steel drums, while polyester coatings can be used for plastic containers at lower temperatures. Because these heaters are flexible and wrap around the vessel, they can also be called belt heaters. Up to three belt heaters can be applied to a standard 200-litre barrel. There is no additional insulation, so heat is lost to radiation in the ambient air and surface temperatures can be hot enough to burn unprotected hands.

Often, not understanding the internal design of a heater leads to heating losses. For example, stretching a one-piece mica band over a barrel during installation can damage the internal mica, resulting in a short circuit. Some manufacturers offer belt heaters similar to mica bands that can be stretched for installation, but using improper installation techniques for a particular type of heating causes problems.

The flexibility of the mineral-insulated cable makes it possible to wind up the Mightyband heater, shape it to wind pipes or use it directly. Open coil heaters can be used as cartridge heaters in irregularly sized holes. A typical temperature profile starts at 270 °C (518 °F) in the feed zone and rises to 285 °C (545 °F) towards the extruder nozzle. The extruder can only be switched on when all heaters are at the setpoint and the waiting time of a soaking timer has expired.

Backer Marathon belt heaters are designed and manufactured by the computer to your specifications. Only the highest quality materials are used for optimal performance. We have a wide range of heaters for same-day shipping, we offer a three-day accelerated service for custom designs and there is never a minimum requirement. Our belt heaters are designed and manufactured by computer according to your specifications. The stock of belt heaters from Backer Marathon is constantly growing. We have a wide range of heaters on the shelf that are available for same day shipping.

Operators must mark enough tonnage to avoid unnecessary battery charging. These heaters are suitable for the application of heat conduction to cylindrical surfaces: injection molding M/cs, plastic and rubber extruders, dies, drum heater, M/cs blow molds. For the past eight years, our field service has been on site within 24 hours of the first call within 24 hours, more than 98% of the time. Experience best-in-class performance with heat and process components that increase the efficiency of any system.

Backer Marathon ceramic belt heaters are a powerful alternative to conventional mica belt heaters. Ceramic belt heaters are able to operate at temperatures up to 1400°F with ceramic fiber insulation, which provides excellent thermal efficiency. For example, they are widely Mica Band Heater Manufacturer used in autoclaves and sterilizers, which are crucial in the fields of medical and biomedical research. They are also widely used in blow molding machines, drum heaters, and fluidized beds. These types of heaters are also commonly used in the production of food and sweets.