Is America Finished?

February 21, 2021 by No Comments

Is it possible to avoid God’s trial of America or has it already begun? And if it’s already started, can it be avoided? There is no doubt that America is at odds with Almighty God and is in grave danger because of His wrath. We collectively offended God’s righteousness, and the stench of our immorality rose to heaven with giant feathers and reached His nostrils. If America ignores the warning signs and turns away from our evil ways, we will indeed be destroyed and handed over to our enemies, as the Israelites did in the biblical narrative of their judgment of God. However, there is good news. God always gives a warning before judging nations. The ability to repent is usually granted, but is rarely used.

In Amos’s book, the Israelites did not repent and were conquered by the Assyrians and then enslaved. In Jonah’s book, the Ninevitians heard a prophetic warning about Jonah’s trial, so God overturned His sentence and was spared. America is now on the same doorstep as the Israelis and the Nineveh. We can repent, which means that we stop our bad deeds and return to God’s will, or we can ignore the warnings and fall into the judgment of God. But what have we done to summon God’s judgment, are we so bad? Let us honestly and painfully look at our true American face, seen in the reflection of reality in the mirror of God.

Let’s start with the fact that we have a blessed covenant with God. It is called the Treaty of Mayflower, written in 1620. In it, our ancestors promised to glorify God and spread the Christian faith. God has blessed this nation with great wealth and great power. Almost four hundred years later, we have become a smug country of god-haters, wearing an old worn-out mask and masquerading as a Christian nation. Every speech by our political leaders ends with the words “God bless America,” and when we feel like patriots, we all come together and sing “God bless America.” According to the latest polls, 80% of the U.S. population is Christian. Isn’t that cool? We live in a Christian utopia filled with infinite kindness, love, peace and service to our neighbor. I’m obviously sarcastic.

Over the past hundred years we have almost left God and all his ways. Oh, of course, there are many good Christians living in America serving God, but there were also good disciples of God in Israel in 700 BC. when Amos warned against God’s judgment, because the people as a whole did not live by God’s laws. Similarly, Americans generally do not live by the laws of God. But what exactly has America done to make such a judgment?

Giving up the power of God – America removed God from schools and forbade teachers to pray with their students. We have made the word of God a forbidden program in public schools. We have also enacted laws that aggressively remove God from all public places and may soon remove “We Believe in God” from our motto.

2) Sexual Immorality – America is the world’s largest source of pornography. We actively objectify men, women and children to sexual gratification of the evil desires of the evil world. This violence and the destruction of millions of God’s children occurs in the name of greed for money. America accepted homosexuality as a natural way of life and therefore married both men and women. This is an abomination for God, against which the Bible strictly warns.

(Deuteronomy 23:17; 3 Kingdoms 14:24; 15:12; 22:46; 4 Kingdoms 23: 7; Iov).

  1. Greed – America has become a country of billionaires. Our greatest strength was capitalism. Every person is lucky to become a millionaire if he works hard enough. We are drunk with a thirst for wealth. This has led to theft, deception, rampant fraud and exploitation of the poor. 2% of the American population owns 98% of all wealth. He shouts about the exploitation of the masses. The poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer. However, even our middle- and lower-class citizens are richer compared to other people in the world, such as Ethiopia or the Dominican Republic, and we do not share them. We keep our wealth or spend every penny on ourselves. In America, credit card debt is out of control. According to the Federal Reserve, americans had $850.7 billion in credit card debt in 2012. We spend money we don’t have on what we don’t need!

Murder. In 1973, following roe v. Wade,” the United States of America made abortion a legal and protected law. Since then, America has sanctioned the killing of millions of unborn children. According to a 2008 report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we kill nearly one million babies every year. God is the author of life. This violation alone could have led to the downfall of America.

  1. Church complacency – The American Church has become sluggish and passive. We sit idly by while all these problems are singling out and polluting the nation. The American church has a significant number, but refuses to grow. The voice of a Christian and the power of boycott can change the nation and the world. Unfortunately, we are not going to change because we have become cool. Therefore, we will be responsible for for forgave these atrocities against God.

In revelation, Jesus tells the warm church that he will spit them out of his mouth. In other words, Jesus finds them disgusting. America is not only warm, we are icy, and God disgusts us. The claim that America makes up the majority of the Christian nation is not just a piece of cake, it’s a huge lie. We lie to ourselves because we want to think of ourselves as good, but we don’t really want to be good. Why? Because we live in an atmosphere of constant pleasure. Fast food, round-the-clock entertainment, financial well-being, rampant sexual immorality and incredibly fast Internet, which in a millisecond gives you access to the world. We are too busy and too drunk with pleasure to truly consider God’s will above our own.

I don’t believe that an ordinary person really wants God in his life. Despite the fact that the relationship with God is an indescribable pleasure, many really see them as a violation of their will. It is the attitude and influence of Satan. We want to be gods. Does that sound weird? Actually, not if you shoot and analyze the layers. After all, with all this media and instant fun, haven’t we become the little gods of our own kingdom? What about direct knowledge, mainstream media and so on? Do we really think we can do this and avoid God’s judgment? Neither Rome nor Russia, and most importantly – not Israel.

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