It’s Time We Stop Ignoring Racism In America

February 21, 2021 by No Comments

  1. Is racism and bigotry re-packaged in America?

It’s time to stop ignoring racism in America. Racism was clearly disguised in several ways. Because of one of the many personalities of racism, he can impersonate himself as justice. This is perhaps the deadliest weapon in violation of the rights of African Americans. The deaths of Sandra Bland and Trayvon Martin are a prime example of how dangerous racing tactics are when left to fend for themselves. The number of murders blamed by the authorities on racial grounds is still high, and the hatred that rears its ugly head behind a patriotic mask makes Americans blackmail: “Go back to Mexico! other Americans. You will never see what race the monster hides behind a red, white-and-blue veil. Make America Great Again? Has anyone ever told me that America must be of a certain color to be great?

  1. Why do talk of racism anger some people?

Are social comments reduced to jokes and stereotypes? The media do not take the fact that people of color are not paid reparations on behalf of the government. Is the whole country smiling at black America? What’s even more surprising is that we don’t think African-Americans should be angry. We forget that segregation was legal 54 years ago after a terrible 400 years of slavery, and America every month returns to this hell on Earth in black history. These images are reproduced in the minds of the descendants of the slave every time they are spoken of. Every time an African-American is treated unfairly, old wounds are reopened. It took time, but it would take twice as long to heal.

On the other hand, white Americans should feel guilty and tire of being careful with a person of color.” Images from pop culture suggest that blacks are violent criminals, angering them is the last thing anyone wants to do, but everyone is proud of it. I understand that slavery was not your fault, but the fact that the past harms our present is proof that America must recognize the sins of its ancestors. Otherwise, the future will be divided. It is time to stop ignoring racism in America before unspoken words turn into action.

  1. Do all blacks have a victim mentality?

Someone who doesn’t realize that his life is easier because of the privileges of whites may even feel that the victimization of blacks is made up. Today, some African Americans may be shocked that the police are killing unarmed black people because they have never felt victimized. It is clear that we live in a time when Barack Obama is the favorite president of the United States and where well-paid black actors, musicians and sports stars are praised for their achievements. No, not all blacks feel victimized, but most who grew up in poverty, racial profiling and police brutality insist that this victimization is a reality.

  1. When it comes to racism, why is the race card playing badly?

It seems to me that black Americans have learned to justify their actions in white America. Positive action and racial profiling are labels that act in the same way as patriotism and conservative abuse policies. It is a pity that malicious people secretly use sympathy or guilt of others to their advantage. I think we can all agree that the O.J. Simpson favors statement during the Nicole Simpson murder trial was outrageous. No one of any race should proudly support the killing of another person.

Anyone who asks for some leniency because of their race, gender, religion or sexual orientation does not expect him to be held accountable for his personal mistakes. If this is your way of life, you will never become a responsible person. For this reason, the reputation of blacks in America as revolutionaries has been seriously tarnished by excessive childish behavior. There is nothing wrong with defining a racist epidemic, but it is not normal to justify action if you are fully aware that it is wrong. Two mistakes will never fix it.

  1. Negative stereotype about people of color.

Racial slurs and anti-Semitic themes made the Holocaust possible. It is unfortunate that the American media continue to use racist propaganda to condemn Nazi Germany for dehumanizing a particular group in similar ways.

We seem to be making fun of each other’s shortcomings, but we don’t realize how successfully it has divided us. If we have to recognize that not all white people are personally responsible for the transcontinental slave trade, why can’t we see that not all black Americans using slang and pulling pants are criminals?

  1. America is not a promised land for blacks.

The proud ancestors of this country never considered people of color to be Americans. Even the indigenous culture that was subsequently destroyed was not American. If someone has broken and destroyed your culture, why would you want to be? This title was never intended for anyone but the ruthless Europeans who colonized this country.

It’s time to stop ignoring racism in America, when black Americans are still being mistreated, but they have nowhere to go. They have no promised land, they were brought here on slave ships, and their homeland is still ruled by the same people who brought them here. Other races were sold in American Dream, but blacks were sold in America.

  1. Make sure that black people in America have the same rights as whites and everyone else.

Contract servants seeking to become Americans could escape slavery, but blacks were lynched for trying to escape. There have never been laws of other races that claim to be only three quarters of a human being. I know you might have thought that the goal was to enslave people for illogical reasons that no one could prove. In truth, slavery violated the human rights that America claimed to uphold, and the only way to circumvent the law was to force the legal system to accept that black people are 25% animals.

Nor is there anyone to whom the president is officially responsible to blacks. In truth, many of the benefits that blacks have received can be increased or reduced depending on who is in office. There is no special representation at the United Nations for African-Americans to speak on important issues for black Americans. Despite terrorism, even Muslim citizens are represented at these meetings.

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