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Inflation Now a Concern for Latin America

Comparisons of economic performance in Latin America, Europe and North America cannot be continued. As Latin America continues to lead, with an average growth of about 4% over the past four years, the situation in Europe and North America is deteriorating. European and North American governments are struggling to maintain budgetary spending, economies are struggling […]

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The Place Of America In God’s Calendar

The United States of America has clear divine words. We will look at some of these points that prove this. By the time we finish this article, we will all agree that these are irrefutable facts. Although at first there were great nations that were empires at the time but still retained their original names, […]

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Who Discovered America?

Ask a question that opened America at a meeting, and you’ll probably get the same answer; Christopher Columbus. However, this has been repeatedly questioned. Columbus was to land on the American coast in October 1492 on his way to India. According to this story, Columbus landed not on the mainland of America, but somewhere in […]

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Biblical Social Architecture Is What Made America Great

Historically, America possessed what is called exclusivity because it was based on biblical social architecture. The exceptional nature of America does not mean that America is capable of being proud and arrogant, but rather that we should be the leaders of the social model that led to our greatness. The foundations on which our nation […]

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America Is Great When Americans Are Good

One of the politicians running for president implements the campaign slogan: “Make America Great Again.” What criteria determine when America is great? Who decides when America is great? As the slogan ends with the word “again,” we can look at history, when America was great and why. For thousands of years, America, the continent, has […]

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Americas Blessing of Freedom & Hope

Where did your family come from and why did they come to America? Have you ever been to the communist countries of China, Russia, Cuba, North Korea, Laos or Vietnam? I had the privilege of traveling to many parts of the world and fell in love with people in almost every country. My heart went […]

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America’s Finest President

Cuando tena August 7 yo le pregunte a mi abuelo: “Dad, quien es ese blanco en esa photo?” I answered myself abuelo: “El es Abraham Lincoln. El libero a los slavos negros en los Estados Unidos». Photo Luego mire de otra in the photograph of Abraham Lincoln and pregunte et mi abuelo: “Dad, quienes son […]

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The United States of America at the Summer Olympics: From 1896 to 2012!

Good luck in London 2012! In 1896, Thomas Burke came to power in Athens when he became the first ever Olympic winner in the men’s 100 meters, making him the fastest sprinter in the world. Mr. Burke was identified with a younger generation of American athletes in the late 1890s, when he realized his dream […]

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curtin university australia

There are three common ways to enter curtin university australia The easiest way is to get grades in the 12th grade that meet the university’s minimum requirements, or pass grades sufficient to meet the criteria for your chosen college course. Secondly, you can also get a higher education through university distance learning programs. The third method […]

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