The Blunderbuss is described in detail in New World gold including all of its abilities and upgrades

With new world gold next update on the horizon, the development team has been debating community feedback and has even released a seasonal roadmap in recent weeks. An entirely new weapon called the Blunderbuss will be introduced in the next update. A new breakdown of what to expect from the weapon, including details on its trees, abilities, and potential upgrades, has been released. Read on for more information about buy new world gold.

It is a long-range weapon that is intended to provide some degree of adaptability and versatility. Given that it’s designed for mobility and will scale with strength and intelligence, mages or even bruisers who wish to wield it and master the trees will have a distinct advantage over those who do not. Chaos and Containment are the two trees that make up the Blunderbuss’s tree of power. Chaos is primarily concerned with maintaining a safe distance between you and the enemy while unleashing a barrage of devastating AoE attacks. Containment puts you in a better position to get closer to the enemy, unleash attacks, and get out of the situation.

In addition, when you choose Containment, you’ll unlock Net Shot, which allows you to fire a massive net at your opponents, dealing 40% weapon damage and causing a 40% 2-second slow. In addition, if you’re moving backwards when you shoot, the recoil will knock you even further back, which may allow you to get out of danger if you land a fatal shot. If you’re moving either sideways or forward, you’ll continue to move in that direction. Claw Shot allows you to fire a large, chained claw at enemies, dealing damage and causing them to take a brief root. As a result of Azoth Shrapnel Blast, you can fire five damaging bullets forward in a fan, which also forces you to move backward.

When it comes to chaos, it’s all about staying out of trouble, taking your shots, and getting back out of trouble again. Keeping others at bay is another option. The Splitting Grenade allows you to fire a grenade that can bounce up to four times before exploding. You have the option to detonate it at any time. When you do, it will explode into three mini grenades, each of which will cause significant area damage. Mortar Charge is a weapon that uses heavy canisters to fire off up to three canister shots, each of which explodes and deals 100% weapon damage in a 3-meter radius, and even more damage if the target is located far away from the launcher. When you use Blast Shot, a bottle of wine is fired directly in front of you, dealing 70% weapon damage.

Each of the abilities in both trees has the potential to be upgraded, and these upgrades can be applied to both specific skills and the overall game. Some of these will reduce cooldowns, increase damage, or allow you to stay in your chambers for longer periods of time.

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