The Dying of America and How to Save Her

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Only virtuous people can be free.

This statement was made by one of America’s greatest founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin. It’s a simple but powerful statement. Unfortunately, it is clearly ignored, not recognized by the masses, let alone demonstrated by them.

Freedom is America’s greatest asset. Being free and living in a free country is a privilege, not a right. In addition, there are no guarantees of freedom. Throughout its history, many American citizens have died creating and protecting their most valuable products. Others died to get it, risking their lives to come to America. The freedom enjoyed by America was created by this association of personal qualities and characteristics of high, high, noble and noble value, such as bravery, sacrifice, altruism, self-control, discipline, dedication, diligence, independence, honesty, etc. and personal integrity.

But look around. Where are these qualities reflected in our leaders and in society as a whole? Where do we care about freedom itself, not personal interests or personal interests? Where’s the victim? Where’s the detention? Where is discipline and composure? Where’s the independence? More importantly, where is honesty and decency? Where did all the virtues go? Where are these people whose hearts, minds, minds and actions are based on what is noble, high and dignified?

Look around again, not by accident, but carefully. What are the core values that motivate the masses in America? Become rich through honesty without sacrificing ethics? To be famous at all costs, as if a celebrity has something to be proud of? Not a cult of noble ideals, but the transient faces of movie stars, rock stars, sports stars, sex symbols? Chasing material excess? Is this what we worship in America? Is this the level of substance we’re attracted to, that is, immersing ourselves? What is our freedom based on?

Most people speak and love their freedom, but do they realize what it takes to create, preserve, and maintain freedom? One of the greatest military generals in history was Douglas MacArthur.

As for freedom, he said, “No one has the right to the blessings of freedom if he is not vigilant in preserving it. We all know about American military power, which serves to protect our freedom from external invaders and destroyers, but which manifests itself at the street level of American cities that are truly vigilant in preserving freedom or even understand what it takes to preserve freedom in a virtuous environment. Level?

The freedom that America enjoys and which most people in the world crave was not created by sensual and material pleasures, satisfaction, greed and selfish vested interest – qualities that permeate and haunt the world. America today. The freedom enjoyed by America was created by virtue. Indulging, satisfying, greed, chasing material excesses without an ethical basis and exorbitant personal interest are not virtues. These are clear manifestations of a lack of virtue. And because, as Franklin said, only virtuous people are capable of freedom, our freedom is destroyed not so much by external forces as by our own inner blindness, immorality, inconsistency, pandering, satisfaction, and uncoordinated priorities. In fact, America is dying because its virtue dies.

As the great Helen Keller pointed out, science may have found a cure for most ailments, but found no cure for the worst: human apathy. What is America’s apathy towards virtue? Who cares about virtue? When was the last time you heard a conversation about virtue or that someone had opted for virtue? Where is the local school of virtue in your community? The sad reality of today’s America is that people don’t usually care about virtue. If they were, there would be more openness, anxiety about its manifestation in our lives. It is even sadder that people laugh, belittle, regret, deny virtue and consider it old-fashioned. But from the point of view of freedom nothing could and will not be in fashion.

How to save America from death? America can be saved from death by allowing most of its people, leaders, icons and role models to express, discuss, promote, and live virtuous lives. In this way she will preserve her freedom and her greatness. Otherwise, she will continue to die with her own hands, blaming herself for it. If America is not vigilant and leads a righteous life en masse, its life – its once beautiful, glorious, majestic, noble and divine life – will continue to fade away and end with the ugliest death, especially without glory, shame, despicable and doomed.

America, sweet soul

Richard Andrew King

America! America!
Sweet soul, look up.
Your love for personalities
predicts your fate.

Great men and women in search of truth,
trying to quench your thirst,
principles on pedestals –
not personality in the first place.

There was a time when you believed
in a law where virtue confuses;
But now you’re sacrificing everything.
out of love for passing faces.

You like convenience, not principle.
Accept the basics to help you move on.
Blinded by your preconceived greed,
you replace good with evil.

America! America!
Sweet soul, keep an eye on your business,
because they’re a reflection
seeds planted earlier,

seeds that bear fruit
it’s in its own way.
You can’t collect oranges
after planting the lime seeds.

America! America!
The principles of love are chaste and pure.
Personalities come and go,
but the principles remain.

Times will change
with old and new faces.
Success, however, depends on
the principles are right.

So watch out for America!
Your legacy is knowledge
who reaps your future
depends on the seeds you sow!

Image copyright Richard Andrew King
All rights protected

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