This is because most specialists, including Aava, pre-apply a narcotic cream, which reduces pain and various notches. TBH, it feels like you are entering your eyebrows while having your period. Bray describes lipblush as a “more intensive” process compared to other permanent makeup tattoos. “Since the skin on the lips does not hold the pigment and the rest of the skin, some clients need two or three adjustments.”.”

A cosmetic tattoo artist puts pigment in the skin with a small knife to create realistic-looking hairs. There are several reasons people choose to permanently remove makeup. Some want to reduce the pigment or shape change due to the poor treatment quality, others want to change the appearance of old-fashioned makeup, while others just want a different style of the PMU procedure As with microblading removal or dazzling eye removal, lip liner removal requires the professional to create a small opening in the skin so that they can then apply the right solution. The specialist carefully creates an opening in the skin, which is enough to penetrate the removal solution and do its magic.

While the permanent eyeliner is not a painful procedure, it can be uncomfortable like any other permanent makeup procedure. The degree of discomfort, of course, depends on the patient’s tolerance for pain, as well as the potential of the narcotic drug used by the artist. Any type of permanent makeup is a great dedication and it can be difficult to discover which color and shape of eyebrows suit your face best. In addition to what the customer wants, the artist must choose the shape and color that complement the client and his facial structure. It is important that the final design of the eyebrow not only suits the customer, but also looks very natural. A good permanent make-up artist should be extremely thorough in this step so that the needle does not impregnate the skin too deeply and causes serious damage, pigment migration or eye damage.

Semi-permanent makeup should generally last one and a half to three years, be careful with the ingredients in your anti-aging serums and moisturizing creams. “If you use retinol, vitamin C or hydroquinone, those ingredients will blur your eyebrows and lips almost half faster, and of course sun exposure can shorten the life of semi-permanent makeup,” says Berry. For example, if the PMU uses an incorrect tone or color that is too dark for the permanent eyebrow tattoo eyebrows, they end up looking unnatural. Other times, pigmentation in ink can turn into an unwanted color, such as green or green-blue. For this, the permanent make-up artist must use a color corrector to reverse the damage and restore the eyebrows in a more natural color. All in all, a permanent and soft makeup artist takes an average of 2.5-3 hours to complete the permanent application of the eyeliner, as it is a very precise procedure.

Redness and swelling decrease around the third day after the procedure and are then followed by some crusts; again, an expected phase in the healing process. In the video below, beauty gurus Michelle and Laura from MMandLshowvisit Janette, a permanent and expert makeup technician. Michelle returns for a second round of permanent makeup on her eyebrows, as well as her first round tattoos on the eyeliners.

It will take time for this transition depending on how the tattoo was applied, with which it was applied and its own natural healing. After your procedure, good care is needed to get the best results. If you have any questions or comments during your healing process, please contact us. Some cosmetic tattoo artists provide permanent eyeshadow, with the eyelid tattooed with a single color. Not a very popular permanent makeup choice and I have not seen any examples of permanent eyeshadow that seem modern or valuable. It can be applied to the bottom or bottom tab line, black or brown.