What To Do Before You Sell, Give Away Or Replace Your Iphone, Ipad Or Ipod Touch?

A factory restart is very similar on most Android devices. These are the steps for some of the most popular manufacturers. Malware can infect your secondary devices what is meid such as your printer without you knowing it. This device can re-infect your computer if it reconnects, even after you have completed the factory restart.

I am not sure where to back up your data before restarting a factory? When the phone is switched off, hold down the lower key and the power key for 2-3 seconds until the start options screen appears. Ask the new owner to delete all content and settings in the steps above. Regardless of whether you share a computer with another person or send it to a recycling center, deleting your personal information is a comprehensive first step. If your Android device comes with the operating system 5.0 Lollipop or higher, your phone is protected for Android devices or the protection to reset the factory .

A factory reset deletes all information on an electronic device and restores the software to its original state . The next time you turn on the phone, you go through the initial setup process like a new phone. After configuration, you can restore your data where you backed it up. Before you start, you should know that a factory reset deletes all the data on your phone. If you have not backed up your contacts, pictures, videos, documents and everything else, you should do so now.

The process actually takes much longer for each previous device because iOS overwrites all of your data with random information to prevent it from being read later. Every small file that does not contain any personal data works. MP3 files are a good option because most people have enough to fill out a phone. Removing the memory card is the obvious step for digital cameras and media players. However, many devices, especially older digital cameras, also have an internal memory. Connect the device to your computer via USB and delete or delete internal memory files.

When you are ready to restart, make sure that your phone is connected and charged so that the process is not interrupted. Open settings and then select system, expansion, reset options and delete all data . Android gives you an overview of the data you want to delete. Touch Delete all data, enter the PIN code via the lock screen and then delete all data again to start the reset process. As soon as the restart is complete, you are back in the Android setup process.

When you sell your device, you must remove your Google accounts and block the security of the screen before you start again correctly in recovery mode. If you’ve bought your computer in recent years, you’ll probably have a solid-state unit. SSDs are faster than older mechanical hard drives and use flash memory instead of magnetic disks. The disadvantage of the technology, however, is that it is very difficult to securely delete files from an SSD. SSDs use a technique called wear leveling to extend the life.

If you’ve never connected it before, you may need to install software or drivers. Connect your phone and charge to make sure the restart is not interrupted. Then open the settings and select General, Reset and Delete all content and settings. After the restart, the iPhone is restarted on the configuration screen.

The process is much easier on mobile devices than on computers. The safest way to delete an Android phone before selling it or sharing it with others is to do so with a commercial design of Android data. Even if you reset your factory phone and a hacker has access to a professional data recovery tool, you can restore and misuse all deleted data from your phone. Imagine that you have private pictures or confidential data such as news, contacts, documents, etc. They are exposed to spammers or hackers, so they will definitely destroy their reputation completely.

If you only do a simple factory reset and someone gets their hands on their phone, you can easily get most of your personal information with this data recovery tool. The operating system is not removed from the device, but returns to the original applications and settings. A restart does not harm your phone even if you do it several times.

To restore your data after resetting your phone, you must enter security information. When you enter the information, it appears that you or someone you trust has restarted. Make sure you keep everything you want, as everything is deleted by a factory reset. The steps are similar for most Android devices, but here are the two most common.