America Is Great When Americans Are Good

One of the politicians running for president implements the campaign slogan: “Make America Great Again.” What criteria determine when America is great? Who decides when America is great? As the slogan ends with the word “again,” we can look at history, when America was great and why.

For thousands of years, America, the continent, has been home to many beautiful tribal peoples. As tribes, they fought each other, alternating peaceful times with neighboring tribes and times when they used tribal wars to protect or expand their hunting grounds. Game hunting was often a determining factor, especially when the game was moved to another location (to the territory of another tribe). It was an interesting time that we know very little about, but I don’t believe that America’s carelessness was so great at the time.

The American continent has been colonized by Europeans since the 17th century. Opportunists and persecuted were settlers. Opportunists were looking for gold, power and large tracts of land. Persecuted tried to establish in America their paradises. Both groups clashed with indigenous peoples, and although there were peaceful times, there were many wars, plus plague (diseases exchanged once divided tribes and Europeans). America wasn’t great then.

British settlers set up to separate from Britain in the 18th century. They were inspired by the democratic ideals of ancient Greece and in their desire to call out the protection of God. Fortunately for them, they received help from the French and The Spaniards, and by that time Britain was already at world war. The east coast of America has become the United States of America, a new experiment in democracy. High ideals, strong moral foundations and people came together to use their energy to develop and strengthen during and after that time. America was great!

The growth and expansion of america (the United States) continued in the 19th century, but the situation was distorted because the southern states remained mostly agricultural (agricultural), while the northern states quickly entered the industrial era. Social and political divisions arose, and Americans were forced to rethink unfinished business. During our Revolutionary War, the right to wage war came from the colonies that were now states. Power remained in the states until the 1860s, making the United States look more like the United States (little letter u). The great democratic experiment almost failed, but did not fail. He’s stronger. America has returned after a serious setback to resume expansion to greatness. The defining moment for America was the Second World War. The peoples of the world were on the verge of division between the great warring countries, and America intervened to rally those who resisted it and spearheaded two simultaneous attempts to destroy it. No doubt America was great in the 1940s and became a superpower in the 1950s.

I’ll leave your opinion to you. I believe that America was neither prepared nor ungrateful to what it had, to the point where it had embarked on the path of losing morality and walking with God since the 1960s. Since then, our employees at all levels, from the lowest to the highest, have no vision, goals, plans and resources. Instead of leading, America first responded to what other countries are doing. In the name of the whole, we lower our collective energy to the lowest and sweetest level in our society. The lowest and most gentle people in the world come to our land and they come in.

About 1,000 Christian churches are established in America each year, and about 4,000 existing Christian churches are defeated each year because of a lack of attendance. So the slogan “Make America Great Again” implies, at least, that America is not great right now. I agree that America is not the best right now. The list of what we cannot or does not want to do goes far beyond what we could include in the scale list. If you agree, how do you make America great again?

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