Americas Blessing of Freedom & Hope

Where did your family come from and why did they come to America?

Have you ever been to the communist countries of China, Russia, Cuba, North Korea, Laos or Vietnam?

I had the privilege of traveling to many parts of the world and fell in love with people in almost every country. My heart went out to those who could not enjoy the freedom of choice and autonomy that Americans take for granted every day.

What kind of work are you doing? Whether you are a doctor, teacher, technician, computer scientist or full-time parent; I believe that you have chosen this path in your life because you have liked some aspects of this work and you can get paid for it.

What if you didn’t control the direction of your life and your future was determined solely by the government for you?

I can’t think of a quicker way to extinguish the spark of life in someone’s eyes than to completely exclude their agency from their lives. Unfortunately, this is what happens in communist/socialist countries.

Do you want to settle there forever and give up your American freedoms and opportunities?

Want to turn America into another China, Russia, Cuba, North Korea, Laos or Vietnam?

Your presidential candidate in America should pursue two goals:

1) Commitments to improve the stability and strength of their country.

2) The candidate must commit himself to protecting and protecting the rights of his citizens.

Why do people leave the country?

-Fear of being safe for yourself and your family in the face of violence.

  • Fear of persecution for your beliefs.

“Extreme poverty and there is no way to change it.

  • Corruption and excessive government that suppresses individual choice and growth and enforces compliance.

Do you and your family want to import goods from America?

What is the difference between their home country and America?

Should your presidential candidate in America pursue two goals?

1) Seek to improve the stability and strength of their country.

2) The candidate must commit himself to protecting and protecting the rights of his citizens.

Read the facts, think before you act, and vote for the President of the United States on November 3, 2020!

I enjoyed attending, teaching and playing violin and viola all over the world. This also applies to communist countries. I have always been happy and happy to return to America with our many blessings and freedoms! It’s a real discovery when we see how happy we are in America.

Here we have many opportunities to start a business, choose the work we would like to do, own property, pray as we please, protect our rights to free speech, protect ourselves, our home and property, the right to think and share our thoughts with others.

We have good sanitary units, running water, running water, electricity and working bathrooms, so you can wash your hands with soap and water to prevent the spread of bacteria and disease in cities.

After visiting these foreign places I have always been very grateful for the blessings and freedom of life and work in America.

“Under communism, the state owns all the property and pays its citizens equally. Citizens have nothing. The government chooses your work and tells you what to do. They own you! No agency!

In academia and in the media, communism/socialism is often perceived as “all free because it is right”. There is no freedom if you depend on the government that dictates your earnings.

The American Revolution has stood the test of time because we are reminded that our freedoms come from God, not man.

Communism deprives you of all your rights, your property, your opportunities, your choices and your freedoms. It includes thought, worship, communication.

Overview of communism in Russia:

The film “Moscow on the Hudson” (1984) was written and directed by Paul Mazursky. In it, Robin Williams played Vladimir Ivanov, a saxophonist from the Moscow Circus, who performs and comes to New York. Shopping at Bloomingdale’s in New York, director Mazursky said the idea was related to the fact that the film belongs to his grandfather, who immigrated to the United States from Russia.

He said: “Most Russians are just trying to survive. However, all Russians leaving their country leave behind what they cherish and love. It’s a terrible conflict for them, so the act of courage is devastating.”

The film begins with the fact that Vladimir in Russia lives “in a full apartment with his large family.” Then “he queued for hours to buy toilet paper and shoes.” It takes so long to buy toilet paper and shoes that he is late for rehearsals. Boris, a member of the Communist Party, the KGB,

“He criticizes Vladimir for being late for rehearsals and suggests that Vladimir may miss the upcoming trip to the United States.” Vladimir immediately hands Boris shoes from the store, because of which he was late. After the rehearsal, Vladimir and his friend go to buy gasoline for his car on the “black market”.

After Vladimir’s failures, he had several American citizens who immediately agreed to help him. They provide him with housing with his family, help him find work and a recent U.S. citizen from Cuba who is his lawyer.

America’s Blessings: America is imperfect, but this is our last ray of hope!

America is built on Jewish/Christian values, the rule of law, justice, capitalism, entrepreneurship and free markets. America is a land of opportunity. Our U.S. Constitution protects our freedoms. The drafters of our Constitution were wise enough to understand that our inalienable rights did not come from the Government or from man; they came from God. They were also wise enough to draft the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to provide an exception (explaining what the government cannot do, not all it can do).

The same freedoms that most of us take for granted, such as the pursuit of life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly and the freedom to petition the government about injustice that is what makes this country great. That is why our great nation is a magnet for people all over the world who respond to the battle cry of their souls: to be free, seeking citizenship.

Should your presidential candidate in America pursue two goals?

1) Commitments to improve the stability and strength of their country.

2) The candidate must commit himself to protecting and protecting the rights of his citizens.

What is Crystal Night?

Crystal night (also called Broken Glass Night). On 9 and 10 November 1938, SA paramilitaries (assault units) and civilians in Nazi Germany, Austria, Sudetah committed pogroms, violent riots (attacks, looting, arson, mass arrests and deaths) against Jews. , Czechoslovakia, Slovakia, Bohemia, Poland and Moravia. These rebels destroyed, attacked, looted and destroyed Jewish businesses, homes, schools, hospitals and synagogues with hammers. After the attacks, broken glass was left on the street.

“British historian Martin Gilbert wrote that no event in the history of German Jews between 1933 and 1945 was covered as widely as it was, and reports of foreign journalists working in Germany caused shock all over the world.”

The Times of London observed on 11 November 1938: “No foreign propagandist who wishes to slander Germany before the world tells the story of fires and beatings, cowardly attacks on the helpless and innocent people who have disgraced this country. Yesterday. . “

Communism is total government control. Violation of law and order, looting, destruction, arson, death. Pogroms, Crystal Night, eradicate images (wipe out history), leave an imprint on young people (“brainwashing”), not to be responsible, against independent thinking, against autonomy, against family values, against religion, against the human spirit. To flout the constitution. Take away all your rights and freedoms.

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