In all honesty, we are not the only ones who feel that Twitter threads are rather confusing. Well, if like us, you’re wondering why then there’s a reason why they’re actually confusing.

Threads are a feature developed by Twitter itself, but it is now when users have started making them haphazardly. Twitter limits the length of a tweet, so users decide to simply tackle this restriction by posting multiple tweets all at once, in a thread.

In the initial years of Twitter, users would make threads by adding numbers to each tweet they would post so that it’s easier for readers to know which tweet comes first in line. However, after some time, Twitter decided to add official support for their threads.

So, how does this work? Well, now you will only have to respond to the first tweet with another tweet and carry on doing so. That said, despite this feature, it still gets confusing to not only make but read threads as well.

Twitter was aware that reading threads are not offering users a great experience. So, they introduced Notes. This feature allows users to open threads, but unfortunately, it’s not as widely available, yet.

Notes allow users to post longer tweets, but there is no official announcement of Notes being prepped for a worldwide release. If Twitter Notes is not accessible to you here are some other ways you can make your Twitter threads better.

Use Typefully to Create an Entire Thread at Once

Before we dive into this, it’s important to be connected to a reliable internet source such as Mediacom internet, Twitter, and all its tools, which can only be accessed if you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

There is no science behind creating a Twitter thread, but there are a couple of ways you can get it right. You must remember to reply to the latest tweets every time you log into your Twitter accounts.

Since there is no way for you to see and edit all your tweets in a thread before pressing Tweet, you have to be really careful about re-reading and revising your tweets so that they make sense before you publish them.

This is where Typefully comes in. It opens your threads in a new window. This solves your problem by offering you a much easier user interface when it comes to writing Twitter threads. All you need to do is write the thread, and you can see the character count as you’re typing.

You can also choose to separate paragraphs into tweets by pressing the enter key twice. Once you’re ready, you can publish the entire thread at once.

Typefully is a standalone web app with no browser plug-in or mobile version. When you launch Typefully, you will have to sync your Twitter account. This is done when you log in. From there, you can start creating a thread.

You can also add pictures and past links while you type. Typefully will consistently show you views as you continue typing. There’s a “High Fidelity” mode that lets you see how the tweets will be shown on Twitter as you edit.

Typefully has both a free version and a paid version. Of course, with the paid version, you can enjoy more features, but this depends on how frequently you use Twitter. Your internet connection has to be stable while using Typefully, and if you’re looking for one, you can consider Mediacom internet 400.

Use Thread Reader to Make Threads More Readable

Let’s face it. Reading Twitter threads can be frustrating because Twitter does not always show all the tweets in the thread in one go. You may end up tapping on multiple tweets and never truly know if you have read the entire thread.

This is where Thread Reader comes in. It also opens the threads in a new window. This web-only app makes it easier for you to read any thread. There are two ways to use Thread Reader.

First, you can choose to copy the URL of the first tweet in the thread and simply paste it into the field. Thread Reader will display the whole thread as though you’re reading an article. It’s much easier to read as compared to what Twitter offers.

Second, you can reply to a tweet in a particular thread by typing “@threadreaderapp unroll,” and the official account of Thread Reader on Twitter will respond to your tweet with a link to the thread. You don’t have to create a Thread Reader account to use it, but you can do so if you want to collect all the Twitter threads you have unrolled.

Similar to Typefully, Thread Reader also has a free and premium account. Thread Reader isn’t a perfect tool, but it’s one of the best tools that helps expand your threads.

Final Thoughts

Twitter is a fun place but its threads get tedious to read and follow, especially if you’re a regular Twitter user, and love tweeting every day! That is why we have shared web-only apps that will help make your Twitter experience much better. We hope you will give them a shot, and hopefully, you’ll be satisfied while using them.