More Than 45 Fun Things To Do In Hurghada, Egypt

Thousands of people come to coastal cities in Egypt, Jordan, Israel and other countries to take diving lessons and explore the underwater world of the Red Sea. Get close to the dolphins on this fantastic snorkeling trip from Hurghada. Enjoy a boat trip to areas in the open sea where dolphins can be found.

Travel like this snorkeling trip in the Red Sea stop on the main island of Gifton for swimming and sunbathing before heading to two nearby reefs for diving. Includes pick-up and drop-off at your hotel in Hurghada and a full day boat trip with lunch. The coral reefs around Shadwan Island contain many types of fish, including fan fish, turtles and dolphins. It is also a famous diversion area, where it has 7 sunken ships and is one of the most dangerous sea areas for ships and boats. One of the famous places in the city of Hurghada, Soma Bay, is surrounded from three sides by turquoise waters.

Panoramic windows ensure that amateur Attenboroughs are guaranteed to be excellent photos and videos. The Bedouin city is only for tourists, nothing authentic there, it was a bit sad. The jeep ride was very bumpy, sometimes deliberately by the driver, which was quite awful for me when my car got sick, but others in the jeep seemed to enjoy it. A bit strange with Bedouins and artists asking for money, but they are not on it. No terrarium has been visited, it should be removed from the list because it is not true. The Giza Pyramids, Sphinx and Egyptian Museum are accessible by day trips to Cairo, directly from your hotel or by plane.

The Giftun Islands offer many opportunities for diving, diving and sunbathing, and it’s a great excursion to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Giftun Island National Park is home to glorious coral reefs and incredible underwater attractions and is a paradise for divers and swimmers. The islands are known for their bright white beaches, protected with all necessary amenities for a day trip outside the city. You can also choose to enjoy other water activities such as windsurfing, banana boating and speedboat rides as part of your trip to the islands. Located on the coast of the Red Sea, Hurghada is one of Egypt’s major tourist attractions with many opportunities for water sports such as diving, snorkeling, windsurfing and kite surfing.

It is absolutely wonderful to see the beautiful coral reef and the thousands of colorful fish below the sea surface. Explore and discover the magical underwater world of the Great Hurghada Aquarium with over 1,200 individual animals and 100 species. With one of the largest aquatic habitats in the interior of the world, aquarium animals are exhibited in 24 unique galleries, with 1 million US gallons of fresh and sea water. The aquarium also contains a significant life exhibition, a zoo, a shark tunnel, a whale valley and a rainforest. The three-hour tour includes transport in an air-conditioned vehicle with entrance tickets. This eight-hour tour features a 4×4 unit through the Egyptian desert from Hurghada and experiences a Bedouin barbecue in the sand.

The trip also provides insight into Bedouin life and its traditions, as well as other local outdoor activities such as quads and camel rides. The day trip includes transfers from the hotel to the quad station and vice versa, professional quad guide, professional desert safari guide, a tour of the Bedouin village including Bedouin tea and a barbecue dinner. It consists of two coral towers that approach the surface of the water and the depth of the valley between them is about 16 meters, which is suitable for less experienced divers. Carlos Reef has become known and famous and his name is popular with tourists. Hurghada stretches for about 60 km along the coast of the Red Sea and has over 170 hotels perfectly equipped to receive visitors from all over the world.

We booked this during our stay in Hurghada and were pleasantly surprised by the transfers from our hotel to the meals included. Everything worked smoothly and even included a transfer to Luxor airport because we did not return to Hurghada. The sites themselves were beautiful and Ghada (good luck with the baby) our guide was informative, but persisted and gave time to explore these beautiful sites for yourself.

The Sinbad submarine can carry up to 44 passengers and 2 pilots and can take its visitors underwater to the depth of 22 m between the best examples of underwater paradise for 50 minutes. One of the most magical destinations in Hurghada across the Red Sea is the well-known Gifton Island, the largest island in the Red Sea. It contains about Visit Cairo and Giza Pyramids from Hurghada 80% of coral reef biodiversity in the Red Sea, 65% of the biodiversity of colorful fish, about 794 species of fish and reefs that provide the most incredible diving and snorkeling experience. Create unforgettable memories of this day tour by exploring the underwater paradise with some of the best places to dive and dive in the Red Sea.

With a coastal community, local bars and lively restaurants, Old Town Sahl Hasheesh is the heart of the resort’s destination. The old town consists of architecturally striking apartments and theme hotels with sea and boardwalk views. The old town offers access to many activities and experiences, especially during special holidays. The combination of Renaissance and Arabian style buildings and the small streets with many bars and restaurants that make the old town of Sahl Hasheesh a destination not to be missed during your stay in Hurghada. It is located 35 km from Hurghada, close to the entrance to the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea and is one of the most important dive sites in Hurghada.