The Place Of America In God’s Calendar

The United States of America has clear divine words. We will look at some of these points that prove this. By the time we finish this article, we will all agree that these are irrefutable facts. Although at first there were great nations that were empires at the time but still retained their original names, these lands should be valued, as it has always been difficult to stay on the road all day without being overturned. I am honored to name these lands with honor and respect, as they are commonly called in the Bible, starting with the Old Testament. Countries such as Egypt, Israel, Ethiopia, Libya, Rome and many others; they did encounter the manifestations and presence of God. Most of them have been around for five thousand (5,000) years.

We are here to explore the American nation, to explore and define the strategic and prophetic plans of God who gave them. We will look at the path we have traveled, inspiring generations to live in the union and legacy of the founding fathers. Responsibility is invested in it, and we are looking for a way forward with greater returns. One thing with God is that if someone obeys Him for use, He certainly uses it beyond that person’s imagination. Similarly, when a community decides to come to God with one spirit, it deploys its program for that generation.

God was behind America in its exodus
From the first day america began its movement as a nation, the hand of God was with them. Like the children of Israel, they have endured a great outcome in order as a nation to pursue God’s purpose. When Israel left Egypt, their land of slavery, for the sake of freedom, they had to worship God. On the same trend, in the early 16th century, unusual spiritual turmoil was sown in the minds of the American founding fathers, prompting them to leave before European influences were manifested, with the aim of freedom, freedom of expression afforded by nature. and supports. their divine plan rests heavily on their shoulders. It takes a destiny-oriented community to make a giant leap like America. Of course, most of them suffered, but that didn’t change their point of view.

America as God’s tithing for peoples
More than five thousand (5,000) years have passed since God began to communicate with people. America emerged as one nation five hundred (500) years ago. If we look at this divine calculation, America falls on one tenth of the world’s count; also known as the tenth part of the world. Tithing is God’s demand for all income. This will be used for the purposes of his kingdom. Ten is very important. God has one in ten. From the history of existence, this means that America is the tenth part of the community of the earth. God’s program is to use America as its ten percent to revive the world. This does not mean that America is in any way competing with Israel. No community can take Israel’s place before God. But God chose America to fulfill his mandate – worldwide evangelism. A good mention of this comes from the Apostle Paul, who was never among the disciples of Jesus Christ, but he was an ordained apostle, specially chosen to share the light of the kingdom with the Gentiles. It’s the same in America.

America is a nation with a mission
When America united as the United States, the Founding Fathers made a covenant with God. The earth under the rule of God agreed to trust him. This is easily traced by their currency encoded in their means of exchange: “We believe in God.” It depicts responsibility, the main reason for their existence as a nation. Today, the dollar is a message for the peoples of the world. Another area to look out for is their agreement under God to use them as catalysts or agents of the rebirth of the world. The American imprint left a big mark in all parts of the world. America is not flattering of its missions, but their works are written in volumes for everyone in the world. In the fields of evangelism, missionary movement, charity, entrepreneurship, political influence, America is a land of exceptional opportunity. Looking at what they put on the ground, it is easy to conclude that the United States knows where they are going. Apart from Israel, whose Shalom salute revolves around peace, America is a nation with standard and proven evidence that it has a global agenda for peace.

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