Who Discovered America?

Ask a question that opened America at a meeting, and you’ll probably get the same answer; Christopher Columbus. However, this has been repeatedly questioned. Columbus was to land on the American coast in October 1492 on his way to India. According to this story, Columbus landed not on the mainland of America, but somewhere in the Bahamas. Amerigo Vespucci, traveling in 1497, would have been the man who discovered America. He was an Italian-born researcher. It should be noted that although Vespucci was the first person to visit America, he did not give the continent its name. This was performed by Martin Waldzemuller.

Having studied the history books, it is clear that there is no certainty that Columbus and Vespucci were the people who discovered America. This is because Chinese books also claim to have done the same. Chinese books say they landed in America long before the Europeans set foot. However, you can’t but ask who actually discovered America. If you continue to study history books, you will agree that Columbus did not really land in America. Many other people reached the American coast to Columbus.

It is said that people from the Asian continent reached America and settled in it even before Columbus. They can be considered the people who discovered America. Expeditions to America were to begin in 986 AD. It was centuries before Columbus arrived on the continent. The expedition was initiated by a certain Bjarni Herolfsson. The justification for not crediting the discovery of America is that the expeditions have not been properly documented. If this had been achieved, it would be fair to say that Columbus would not have been mentioned.

According to some existing documents, America was discovered by the Chinese admiral Cheng. However, this was openly refuted, as none of the voyages of zhing took place across the Indian Ocean. In Icelandic history, The Norwegian explorer Leif Erickson discovered America. Although there is absolutely no documentation about this, the archaeologist discovered in Canada what is considered a Viking-style settlement. The colonies that emerged about a thousand years ago show that Columbus really wasn’t the first person to land in America. It would therefore be inappropriate to say that he was the one who discovered the continent.

It is not yet known who discovered America. Columbus can only be attributed to bringing colonialism to America. The landing of Colombia in America opened the door for other Europeans who occupied the continent and established their domination. It should be noted that when the European colonizers landed in America, they discovered Native Americans. They are considered Native Americans. Maybe somewhere in The Open of America there is evidence pertaining to the person or those who discovered America. I hope one day we’ll find out.

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