Why America’s Restoration Will Fail

Nothing predicts the death of a nation more than the idea that our leaders ignore the lessons of history and consider themselves recipients of the truth of last resort.

These days, it’s become much harder to get manure out of your shoes as you walk through the halls of Congress.

These efforts are so distracting that millions of voters have forgotten that our country was once a nation based on the basic principles contained in the Bible. It is one thing to forget about them, but to laugh at these principles is above all politeness.

Historically, America has become a nation of discernment and integrity because of its belief in freedom, which has not been influenced by our cultural nature, to go beyond these principles. Over time, we have not only pushed these intolerable borders, distorted the basic fabric of our nation and jeopardized the common sense with which we were born.

Without a doubt, we adhere to the rules of greed and pleasure that eventually led to the total fall of all the countries of the world, and we are confident that we will cause the fall of America as well.

When most of our population finds solace in the enjoyment of the sins that are so often described in the Bible, the rest of us pay the price, and for good reason. I say this because principled people chose to turn the other cheek instead of facing a giant apostasy, as David did with Goliath. We all helped create in America the next fall of freedom and fall.

“The wicked will be turned to hell, and all nations forgetting God.”

Psalm 9:17

Shame on most Americans for allowing ourselves to deviate from the religious, moral, and principled influence we had at the beginning. It seems obvious that we are also complicit in this destructive process because of our continued slowness and disrespect for the foundations that have made this country a world leader.

The question arises: “Is America obsolete and beyond repair?”

Should we recycle, destroy America, or continue to suck mental and physical decay out of our society?

The urge to remove manure from your shoes can be found in the most inspiring works of literature ever created for human and earth survival. You probably don’t want to hear the truth about what you expect from yourself and that this country can survive. No one has found the answers, but there is one who has found.

Aren’t there at least a dozen good people (Americans) who would give their right hand for the truth so clearly expressed in the Old Testament?

Those who have never read the Bible carefully, if at all, should take the time to read what it takes to reform America. He’s there in black and white to read.

The Old Testament, from the book Deuteronomy to Job’s book, is a stunning actual plan for America’s recovery and survival. It is so clear and clear that it will amaze you. Isn’t it interesting that no politician has ever said this and will not?

Wouldn’t it be more reassuring to know that at least some of our leaders and politicians have read the Bible cover to cover or even part of it? It is assumed that every adult has some form of religious belief and seeks the basic truth.

On the other hand, our president and legislators are so busy creating new laws that restrict our freedoms, spend our taxes on strengthening our control over our lives and offer rewards to those who live by the law that their time with their creator is at best hardly a “sufficient” measure, if at all.

Over the past four years, no report has confirmed that our president or his family attended church regularly, if at all. Why not? Could it be that his religious standards are very different from those that have flourished in this country for more than 200 years?

You wonder how many of our presidents keep Bibles on their desks in the Oval Office or in at least one of the desk drawers. At least Christians and Jews know why this is important and what it means to prophesy. At least that would mean that they respected the power and integrity of the Bible, even if they had never read a word in it.

The Biblical presence in the Oval Office may not coincide in the minds of many with what many consider to be the real force behind the leadership of our countries, for example, with the Society of Skulls of Yale University, the group “Arcade Bilderberg” “by invitation only”. from world leaders who have been lobbying the New World Order since 1954, or our own leaders who are part of it, join them or send prominent government officials to participate in their secret programs. Hell, no, this can’t be another conspiracy… Right?

Does anyone really understand why America has become a land of freedom and opportunity? Do you know… a nation that is the only nation in the world with which it is so difficult to connect with the poorest people.

If you understand how this nation of “organized immigrants” has been able to create an abundance amidst riots and wars, I salute you. So, what are you doing today to help restore it?

Given that our history has more than five decades of continuous destruction of our government and our society, you would think that someone would look into the Bible for advice. But it is obvious that our leaders did not want and did not want it, with a few exceptions.

The confusion between recycling America or ejection remains a dilemma: even the smartest leaders, passionate about problem solving, deftly prevent it from doing so. This should cause a flash of curiosity in the human mind.

Our national leaders, determined to regain the power we once warmly welcomed, have not even been able to influence an attempt to infiltrate political power and money because of the political corruption present in our agreement.

Therefore, the destruction of our society and our financial system may be the best choice. Even the WSJ mentions that we may have to fall off the financial cliff right now to get America back on the path to survival.

Public frustration with the growing divisions among legislators, their rejection of sensible ideas and solutions to address our public debt and apparent bias leaves most of us in a state of frustration or worse.

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