Why Are Expats Moving to Latin America?

Amid the economic gloom and gloom surrounding Europe and North America, there is no doubt that Latin America/South America was a ray of sunshine in these troubled times. It is a part of the world that investors have neglected for years, shunned expats and seen as a political abyss. Oh, how times have changed!

In recent years there has been a significant shift in expatriate trends as Europe and North America continue to struggle, but why are expats moving to Latin America and what can they expect?

Economic well-being

If we take into account that people like Peru will provide economic growth of 6% in 2013, Colombia – about 4% and Brazil – from 2% to 3%, there is hope for the future. These numbers may not seem surprising in themselves, but if you compare them to current problems in Europe, where some countries are on the verge of a three-fold recession, they look even better.

The reality is that this economic prosperity has continued since 2008, when many experts predicted the collapse of Latin America in the face of the mortgage crisis that shook America. The reality is that countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, etc. have succeeded over the past five or six years and in many cases have really outshone their European counterparts. Historically, European partners have often struck trade deals with a stronger position than their South American counterparts, although in many respects the circle has recently closed.

Higher living standards

While it would be wrong to assume that all South Americans/Latin Americans have benefited from the economic recovery, it is fair to say that living standards and average incomes have generally increased significantly. There are still areas where large countries need to step up their game, poverty is still widespread, although we hope that developing economies will provide governments with additional resources to address these devastating problems.

As the cost of property, services, the cost of goods and the cost of living in South America have risen everywhere, for many expats the preservation of stability in the political arena is very important. The ever-expanding multicultural structure of the region has opened up many new opportunities for business, investors and expats, many of whom will soon appear.


In addition to the economic prosperity currently experiencing South America, “stability” may be another major attraction. When we talk about stability, we talk about it not only from an economic point of view, but also from a political point of view. For many years, the region was considered a political hot potato, Brazil flirted with bankruptcy, Argentina is still struggling with growing debt, but in general the political arena remains relatively stable.

These are items that are very dear to expats when looking for new native countries abroad. These are things that will also attract significant international investment, and they will do or destroy the region in the future.


Even the smallest review of the various expat forums will show you that the growing interest in South America/Latin America is visible to everyone. Countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and others continue to make headlines and, compared to their European and North American counterparts, to put it mildly, are thriving. So it is not surprising that more and more expats now want to move to Latin America, many are planning their retirement in the region, and more and more people see the region as a safe haven for investment.

Various governments in the region have done a great deal behind the scenes, trade deals have been improved and agreed upon in the future, and, in the end, the South American region has never been relatively strong. From an economic point of view View. This creates the perfect magnet for expats looking for a new pasture.

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