Biblical Social Architecture Is What Made America Great

Historically, America possessed what is called exclusivity because it was based on biblical social architecture. The exceptional nature of America does not mean that America is capable of being proud and arrogant, but rather that we should be the leaders of the social model that led to our greatness. The foundations on which our nation is built have led to great prosperity, great ingenuity and influence throughout the world. I had the privilege of visiting other countries, and I was told that America is a leader, followed by many other countries. It is a great responsibility that can bring great benefit or great harm to the world.

In many places I have heard stories about America’s generosity, for which people are still grateful. People in South Korea pray daily for America because they are always grateful that Americans have sacrificed their lives in their struggle for freedom. Even today, when countries are facing disasters, Americans often come to the rescue. Charity is an integral part of the values of our people and is made possible by the prosperity achieved through the foundations laid by our founders.

The exceptional nature of America is a phenomenon recognized around the world by other countries, including France. In the 1830s, Alexis came to Tocqueville in America to study our success. America has been through only one revolution for decades, and France has already known several. After studying American social architecture, Alexis de Tocqueville explained our success in the impact of biblical religion on the country. He went so far as to say that Christianity was the main political force in America. He returned to France and told them that the influence of the biblical faith had made America great.

It is easy to understand why the influence of the true Christian religion on the nation could have such a beneficial effect on society. These believers took their faith seriously and believed that every calling in life was an act of service to Almighty God, for which they would be held accountable on the day of judgment.

Not only were individual moral and religious values important in the founding of America, but biblical social structures were integrated into the systems of the nation itself. The Founding Fathers structured America politically, socially and economically according to the wisdom discovered in the Bible. Biblical models were used in the design of the three branches of government, the free market economy and the education system. Our founders believed that all the problems faced by other societies were the result of man’s ignorance of the Scriptures, and therefore promoted literacy with the intention that future generations would know the truth of God’s word. They believed that tyranny and oppression flourished when people could not hold rulers accountable within the biblical constraints imposed on national governments. They believed that if people understood the social architecture revealed in the Bible, they could use that wisdom to destroy tyranny and oppression and bring prosperity and blessing.

Today, what our ancestors feared has become a reality. Not only does the average citizen ignore the biblical models of social architecture, but many believers and even religious leaders are also unaware of this truth. It is therefore not surprising that America has faced great social, moral and economic challenges since we left the foundations that made us great.

We find similar situations in the Bible. In ancient Israel, during the reign of King Ahab, the nation abruptly lost its foundations and began to introduce other values and places of those who inherited it. It was at this dark time in the history of the country that the prophet emerged from the desert and turned the hearts of fathers to his sons and sons to their fathers. That’s what’s happening in America right now. Many voices call on our generation to return to the foundations laid by our founding fathers. These voices convey a vision of rebuilding America to the place of prosperity and the blessings that so many yearn for.

I am not suggesting that the founding fathers of America had all this, or that biblical religion was the only source of influence in the early days of America, but that our leaders based this country on biblical values. They had a vision of something revolutionary, but it was still in its infancy. Of course, as humans, they made a lot of mistakes, but they had the courage to start something they had never done before. They have directed us on a path that, if sustained, will lead to great prosperity, blessings, and goodness on earth. We were on our way to becoming a powerful force against tyranny and for freedom in the world. Unfortunately, because we did not know the truths of God’s word, we could not resist in this direction and chose a path that led to a goal different from what our Founding Fathers desired for our descendants. Today we are at a crossroads, and we must choose the direction of our society that will affect our descendants. We may decide to leave a biblical social architecture that will lead to more corruption and injustice, or we can return to the values that made America great, and leave behind a society based on justice and freedom.

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